Saturday, June 30, 2007

I need your help, my friends...

One week from now we will be in Knoxville, hopefully the first step on the path to moving there. In preparation for this move (because my hubby has promised me that this will be my last hurricane season) I've been reading up on selling a home. You know, things to remodel, things to re-do, ways to "stage" a home. (Speaking of which, I LOVE that show "Sell This House." I mean, when I have tv I love it.) Anyhoo, it's gotten me more anxious than ever to start working on our own home.

I know we have waaaaay too much stuff. That's the first thing they always say is to take out of the home as much as you can so the house looks bigger. But another thing they (the experts, that is) always recommend doing is painting the whole interior a neutral color..... (crickets chirping)....Um, do I really have to do that? I'm looking for answers here, people.

For those of you who haven't had the amazing opportunity to visit my little abode, let me just tell you that I like color. But I feel as though I restrained myself quite well when we decorated this house. I mean, when I bought this house, every single stinkin' wall (bathrooms, closets, laundry room, every wall in the house) was painted a bright yellow. I had to do something! My dining room (which isn't a separate room unto itself, but part of the entrance of the house and really just has one curved wall) is painted a deep red. But the other walls which adjoin it are very light, light beige so it's not overpowering. Our family room is painted kind of an olive green. It's a dark shade but the room has so much light it doesn't come across as a dark room. I think. Then there are the bedrooms. Mine is the same shade of light beige, but I let the kids each pick their own rooms - Daniel picked a fairly bright blue and Emily picked a pale green.

What do you think? Is having stronger colors a problem for you if you look at a home? Or are you able to see past that and visualize what you would do with the space?


Anonymous said...

I think the colors in your house are great! I can't imagine that that would ever deter anyone from buying your house. If they didn't like the colors they could just have them painted. We saw so many houses when we were looking and the only time I didn't like paint was when there was a mural on a wall or something that I knew I'd have to repaint, but that wouldn't have kept me from buying a house. And remember, you don't have to wait till you think you've done everything when you put the sign up. You can still be doing things all along. We were told that the entryway was important and your's is very nice. The declutter thing is a good thing, but I also don't think your's is cluttered! Just keep your windows to the pool and lake clean (and I know how much you love to do that) because everyone will be looking there!!!
I really think it'll be a quick sell, as long as you price it right, which is the hardest part. Don't worry we'll be praying for youall. The Lord's timing is perfect. :)

Mylinda said...

Hey Lori,
I like color, too, so I think actually seeing bold colors would give me a more positive opinion of a home instead of seeing all beige...yuck! So, I say keep 'em.


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