Wednesday, June 13, 2007


You know, my husband is a wonderful man. And yet, there are times when I would rather eat dirt than be married to him. We are both strong-willed individuals and there are clashes. And I think of how much easier my life would be if I hadn't married him.

And then I think of Jan.

Jan is one of my best friends. Sadly, she was widowed in October after her husband's brave and short fight with colon cancer. She now faces life with her two teenage daughters and adult son (and daughter-in-law and granddaughter) without the help and support of her husband. And their marriage wasn't perfect. There were many days when she was so mad at John she could spit nails. And yet, as he lay dying in the hospital she told me that she couldn't remember any of the bad times.

Today, Jan needed oral surgery. And John couldn't be there for her. Not to drive her to the doctor's office. Not to listen to the nurse give post-op instructions. Not to drive her groggy self home. Not to help get her pain meds or to help her kids get to a meeting they needed to go to.

I helped her with all that. And I say that not to congratulate myself on my good works, but to say that the entire time I was thinking how much I rely on my husband to get through my daily life. Even though sometimes I can't stand him, he is still the best gift God has ever given to me. And I am so thankful for him.

Even when he bosses me around.



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