Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Unkind Words

Well, on my first Works for Me Wednesday ever, I'd like to offer a discipline technique that has worked wonders with my kids. Whenever the little darlings commited "offenses of the tongue," which usually translates into saying mean things to each other, they get a taste of vinegar. For them this is worse than any other punishment.
My explanation to them of the punishment is that if yucky things come out of their mouth, then the punishment will be something yucky going into their mouth. It's a very good way to help them remember to keep their words sweet.
And that works for me!


The Lazy Organizer said...

Hi, I'm stopping by to see if someone helped you figure out how to put the SHS graphic on your post but it looks like you've got it figured out!

E-mail me if you need anymore help.

Jane said...

Like this idea. Actually probably tastes better than the soap I used to get and safer!

Ogle4 said...

I'd heard of tobasco sauce, but we don't even own any! We use mustard on my 3 year old when he seldom needs it...but I suppose once he becomes a big brother things might change a bit :-)


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