Friday, February 8, 2008

My Kids Are Great Kids

I have to tell you that my kids are amazing.


I mean, I know that I get a little cranky with them from time to time, but they are really, really good kids.

Daniel never fails to make me laugh. Today in the car a Bon Jovi song came on. You know, the duet with Sugarland. And, as I've mentioned, I have a bit of a thing for Jon Bon Jovi. So, being the little smarty-pants that he is, Daniel says from back seat, "Is this Jon Bon Creepy?" To which I reply (as any mother would), "You cannot be my son." His answer?

"Would you like me to do a fraternity test?"

I just looked at him and started to laugh and he goes, "Oh, wait,that's the college club thing, isn't it?" Um, yeah it is, cutie.

Later in the day I had a tremendous headache and Emily was such a good little caretaker. She got me something to drink and some ibuprofen, tried her best to keep Daniel quiet (no easy task!!), and just generally did everything she could to make me feel better. I'm blessed to have a daughter who loves to take care of people.

She's off babysitting now and is going to watch Daniel for me a few times this coming week so I can get out with friends. For an almost-13 year old girl, she is remarkably helpful and kind. She loves little ones and older people and is just a joy.

(The picture above is actually from Christmas 2006. I'm working with an older computer and all our newer pics are in the one on the way to Doha. But they look the same - just add several inches!)


stacey said...

yea, i love seeing pics of your kids! and my favorite, most reliable, most awesome babysitter just happens to be 13 too! i bet she will be missed!

ValleyGirl said...

"A fraternity test" - HA! Too funny! (I have to admit, I didn't get it at first and had to read through the whole post a second time before I realized what I was reading!! See, it makes a difference if I read it in the morning or at night!) Your daughter sounds like a wonderful little nurturer. Well, not so little anymore, I guess!

Anonymous said...

omar and i would like to tell you we think your kids are pretty cool. so sorry we won't be able to employ emily with babysitting.
love the blog!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, this whole thing is hilarious!

This weekend, I was just watching a youtube video of "Living on a Prayer" with my 18-mo old sitting on my lap, clapping vigorously.

Ahhh... the circle of life continues. Rock on, Jon Bon, rock on.

Anonymous said...

Lori,your children are amazing.
Fraternity test.
Thats hilirous!!



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