Sunday, February 24, 2008


"I live six days each week in the awareness that God has called me to be his faithful servant in the world. I live the seventh day in the awareness that God alone is the giver of every good thing, that he alone runs the universe, and that I am a beloved creature, totally dependent on him as my provider and shepherd.

"There is a tradition in Judaism of avoiding intercessory prayer on the Sabbath. It's a day for prayers of praise and thanks, a day to forget the overwhelming needs of the world, a day to focus on the abundance of grace and mercy that God has lavished on us."

A Renewed Spirituality: Finding Fresh Paths at Midlife
Lynn M. Baab


ValleyGirl said...

What a beautiful reminder -- and picture, too!

kate ortiz said...

i've been wondering about this book. how are you enjoying it? i really enjoyed sabbath keeping and am thinking about getting her book on fasting, too. great quotes.


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