Monday, July 16, 2007

8 Random Things about Myself

I've been tagged by Leeann to do a meme on 8 random things about myself. I'm not generally very good at these things given that nothing ever seems funny enough, but here's what I've got:

1) I can't open my eyes underwater. I learned to swim while wearing contacts so I would always keep my eyes closed so my contacts wouldn't get washed out (and I couldn't take them out to swim - a boy might have been looking at me, you know! Hey, I was 14 and boy-crazy!). So I have never, ok, well, maybe once, even tried to open my eyes underwater. Even though I had LASIK 6 years ago. It's now become a phobia, I think.

2) I have oodles of good, old-fashioned guilt. Like the kind people always say Jewish people have. Now, I am not Jewish. But I can feel guilty over anything. Just ask my mom. She's got working this guilt thing down to a fine art! And any time I read in the church bulletin about a need, I think to myself, "I should do that!" Even if it's something like, "We need 6 strong men who know how to work jackhammers" I'd be thinking, "Hmm, I could do it!"

3) My husband and I never dated before we were engaged. God honestly led us together and we both knew that we were supposed to get married without having dated, kissed or even discussing it until the night Hubby proposed. I'll tell the story in more detail in another post.

4) I hate taking liquid medicine. I could be lying in my bed miserable and if someone came up to me and gave me a liquid that would relieve all my miseries in 1 gulp, I would choose to continue being sick than swallow it. Just can't do it. I think it was all those doses of NyQuil and sprays of Chlorospetic my mother forced down my throat.

5) I love to cook. More specifically, I love to experiment with new recipes. My family finds this quite funny as I was a horrible cook as a teenager. Two examples: I couldn't make Jello no matter how many times I tried. And once I made fudge and was supposed to put in one square of baker's chocolate. I put in the entire box. Needless to say, no one ate the fudge. I'm happy to report that my culinary skills have greatly improved.

6) I hate to shop. Unless I have lots of money, lots of time, and no children around. Because to me there's nothing worse than being on a limited budget, pressured to get the right thing in a short amount of time and having a child stick their head under the dressing room door while I'm changing and half-naked and shouting at me, "Are you done yet?!"

7) I don't like chocolate. I'm sorry, I know this will be the one fact that many of you will gasp in horror at and may never return to this heretical blog. But, truthfully, one Hershey's kiss is about twice as much chocolate as I can stand. Unless it has lots of nuts in it. Or toffee. But even then, I might just eat the nut part or the toffee part. Maybe this explains the fudge fiasco (see #5).

8) The most important thing that has ever happened to me is understanding that God cared enough about me to send his son to take the punishment for my sins so that I could have fellowship with him and everlasting life. The knowledge that I can come into God's presence at any time and be accepted is staggering. The Creator of the universe loves me and calls me his child. And that's not random.


Leeann said...

Hey Lor,

Believe it or not, I share a lot of things on your list. I'm not a chocolate fan either, I only like to shop if I am there for something specific (unless it's Target or something), I only open my eyes underwater with goggles, I love to cook and am trying three new recipes this week.
Maybe I should call you my twin!


Anonymous said...

You guys are wierd if u dont like chocolate!

Cindy said...

Oh, I don't know. Chocolate isn't what it's all cracked up to be. Don't get me wrong - I love chocolate candy bars and brownies, but I despise chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream. YUCK!


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