Saturday, July 21, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Well, after a two-week break for vacation, I'm back to report on the smart habits I've been working on. It's been really good to have a goal to work towards each week.

Goal #1 - Walk 30 minutes a day. Well, I haven't necessarily walked 30 minutes a day, but on most of the days, I've either done the walking or swam for 30 minutes. Which is a MUCH more pleasant option when it's 94 degrees with 792% humidity! Seriously, when I have walked this week, it's been miserable. I think I'm changing Goal #1 to "30 minutes of exercise each day" and leave it at that.

Goal #2 - Take daily vitamins. Now this is something i can report that I'm doing well on! I've been taking a multi-vitamin daily. I think I should probably add calcium or something else on top of it, but I'll need to research exactly what the multi-vitamin I'm taking gives and what I still need.

Goal #3 (New) - For this week, the habit I'd like to work on is spending 1/2 hour a day on streamlining our home. By this I mean de-cluttering and re-organizing. This would be a reachable goal and would go a long way to helping me reach my overall goal of simplifying our life.

If you'd like to see other women's goals to be inspired by them, check out Smart Habit Saturday at The Lazy Organizer. It's a great source of ideas and encouragement!


Thea said...

It sounds like you are doing well with your goals! And I agree about the heat...who wants to be outside when you are sticky the minute you set foot out the door??? I like that you revised your goal to make it doable for you. Great job!

Good luck this week with the streamlining!!

Rebecca said...

Great job on your habits so far! I can totally relate to the 792% humidity. I live in Kentucky {came from California} so it's been a real adjustment for me. The temps in Cali may be higher but the humidity makes all the difference. Good thing you've got the pool to swim in, probably a better overall workout than walking anyhow. Good luck with the streamlining. I've got a similar goal with organizing one small space a day and when I do it I can see the difference.

Slava Bogu said...

Sounds like you've got some great habits going. Living in the deep south, I got a chuckle out of the 792% humidity comment. Boy, can I ever relate, and I would MUCH rather be in a pool!

Let us know how the streamlining goes.


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