Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why My House Must be Spotless Before I I Leave Town

Well, we've been going crazy around here. Of course, as happens each time we go on vacation, my poor, sweet husband is working under deadline. He's in the building/construction industry and so he's always working under deadline. But it seems as though each time a vacation rolls around, it's a HUGE one that looms large and unsurmountable. So he's been working every night late, weekends and is planning on going in tomorrow even though it's a national holiday and all. Nobody can question my man's work ethic, that's for sure.

The end result for me is that I'm responsible for everything else with regards to getting ready for the trip. Getting the car serviced and ready to go. Getting all the packing done. Planning the itinerary. Getting the house in reasonable order so that the neighbors don't think we are slobs when they come in to take care of the animals.

So what do you all think about having people come in your house when you aren't there? Does it make you uncomfortable thinking that people are in your house? Do you think they snoop? I betcha anything they do. I remember one woman I knew told me about taking care of a friend's house while they were away. She "just happened to see laying out on the desk" the husband's paycheck stub. Who worked at the same place as her husband. And did the same job. And made a lot more money. Oops! I guess the alternative is to put the pooch in the kennel, but that's a little more than we can spend, plus I think she'll be happier in her own home. In the meantime, I've organized each and every kitchen cabinet and drawer, as well as the linen closets and pantries. Tonight? Yep, it'll be my underwear drawer.

Just in case.


Charity said...

I would be cleaning too! My sister usually checks on my house when I'm gone and I just know she snoops. Plus I love the feeling of coming home to a clean house.

Leeann said...

I always clean the house before I leave too. Not deep cleaning like you are getting into but I make sure all the laundry is done, kitchen clean, dishwasher run and empty etc. We trade off dog watching with my best friend (abt 10 min away). I take their dog here while they are gone and they take the Sherpa while we are gone. I think that the level of "snoopage" probably varies. If someone knows you well, I think they are less likely to do it than someone who doesn't know you very well but that's just my guess.
I sure as heck wouldn't be tidying my undies! lol
The weirdest thing for me was when Rob and I went to Chicago and my ILs stayed in our master bedroom over night. You can bet I hid some stuff before they came here! lol

Anonymous said...

Lori, I hope it isn't true! We are going out of town tomorrow and my neighbor is feeding the fish and watering my plants. She is not a nosey person and best of all, I don't worry how my house looks. She's very open and accepting and I trust her completely. But I do like to return to a clean house, so I do straighten it as much as possible before I go. Hope you have a safe and worthwhile trip!


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