Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our visit to the Queendom of Southern Cooking

Well, upon insistence from my dear friend, Leeann, we made a stop by The Lady and Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah. People, it's like the Holy Grail to people who love to cook, like myself, and who are similarly Food Network obsessed. I LOVE this woman - she's not afraid to use a little butter and cream and she sticks her finger in the food to taste it. She's a real "cook" - not a "chef."

Anyhoo, since we were just driving through Savannah and wanted to get to a hotel (it was already after 7:30) we knew we wouldn't get in to eat (you have to line up at 3 pm for dinner seating!!). Still, I was determined to at least visit the place so we set the GPS and headed into town. As we drove through this fairly dive-y area, I see this huge crowd gathered on the sidewalk and thought to myself, "What are all those people doing there!?" and suddenly the GPS says, "Arriving at destination." All those people were waiting to be called for their dinner seating. It was tiny one way street, so I grabbed my camera and hopped out, told Hubby to drive around for 10 minutes and came back. I went in, saw a woman I thought was Paula Deen and about had a heart attack, realized it wasn't her and recovered enough to go over to the store area. After browsing through the offerings, I selected some "Silly Salt" and a copy of the original "Lady and Sons Cookbook." It's got tons of recipes served at the restaurant. Before I paid, the clerk opened it up to show me it was autographed by the Lady herself - even with a smiley face on the end!!

I asked the clerk to take a picture of me in the store with my newly purchased cookbook and then realized that Hubby had taken the memory stick from the camera. So I called him and told him to take a picture of me under the sign as he drove up to pick me up. Instead he had Em jump out and come up the sidewalk (traffic was very slow). She took my picture and we ran back to the car to leave. I jump in the car, Hubby asked me "Did you buy anything?" and I answered in the affirmative. Then he started to pull away. Before Emily got in the car. She got knocked to the ground and, luckily, we didn't run her over as some man was screaming from the street. She twisted her ankle and got scraped up a bit, but she seems none the worse for wear.

So, my daughter almost got killed. But I got my autographed cookbook and a picture of me in front of the restaurant. All's well that ends well! Right?


Leeann said...

ROFL!! Oh my good Lord! Lori!! I was nearly an indirect accomplice to your daughter's smushing! lol

I am glad she wasn't hurt (that was really scary just to read about, much less see!) but I am so, so SO glad that you went there, even if you didn't get to eat. How exciting! I am getting all happy wiggly feelings just thinking about it!!

Can't wait til you try out some of those recipes and tell me which ones you like!
And a Paula Deen autograph--whoo hoo!

Tell Ib thanks for taking you there. I wanna see the pic when you get back!

Love ya and a smooch to the injured Em,


Anonymous said...

That's horrible! Lori! I almost had a heartattack!
Tell my Little Emmy that I love her!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you said "All's well that ends well"!
THAT DID NOT END WELL. What a bad mother!

Leeann said...

To whoever wrote the anonymous comment calling Lori a bad mother,

You have no idea what you are talking about. Lori is an exceptional mother and wife. I have known her for 12 years and I take it you don't know her at all and apparently go trolling around making snap judgments about people based on very limited information.

I am also guessing that either you are not a parent or else you don't have a child old enough to take you to task on all the mistakes YOU are making as a parent. We all make them and sometimes humor is the best way to see it through.

Pride cometh before a fall, my dear, so watch your step.


Lori said...

Thanks for defending me, Leeann, but the author of that comment was Emily herself. Apparently, she didn't feel that I took her tumble seriously enough! LOL!!

I do really appreciate your sticking up for me though!


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