Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Things of Life

I have no deep thoughts to offer today, so here's just a few scintillating tidbits of what's going on here in our cozy, little home:

  • Our associate pastor announced this morning that he would be leaving our church in November to pastor another church out-of-state. This man has held our church together throughout some very hard things the past few years and, unfortunately, hasn't really gotten the recognition he deserves for his efforts. Although our new senior pastor will be arriving in 3 weeks, it's still very hard to see Craig go. He's a great man and he will be missed.
  • Tomorrow I'm taking the kids in for their annual check-ups. Normally, this wouldn't merit any special notice, but we are starting with new pediatricians as our insurance dropped our previous one (who we loved!). Did you catch that I said pediatricians - plural? That's because we were assigned to one doctor, an older gentleman, and my daughter specifically requested that she start seeing a woman. I guess she's growing up, huh? I don't blame her. I can remember being mortified when I was younger that I had to wear one of those little paper robes and have a male doctor examine me. Oh, no, wait. That was last year! Anyways, they are being really good sports about it since they both know they are in for major shots, since the previous pediatrician let them off easy last year.
  • My to-do list for the week is a crazy patchwork of stuff - little things that I've been ignoring that are finally bugging me so much I have to take care of them. When, oh when will I learn to just do things as soon as I think about them? It's such a crazy looking list because it's made up of all these silly little things that would probably take a few minutes each. So I want to knock all those little ones out quickly. But then I have a few bigger ones I want to tackle as well - cleaning out the garage and buying a bunch of cinder blocks for the frame of my garden (more on that later!). So it will be a busy week coming up!

Wasn't that all just mind-blowing?

Ahem, you there. Yes, you! Wake up! You're drooling on your keyboard!


Leeann said...

Wow, lots of changes this week for you guys. Do you know anything about your new pastor? Ours is retiring after 20+ years in another year or so. The good part is that I am on the Staff Parish Relations committee until 2009 so I get to participate in helping along the process of getting a new pastor.

I hope the shots go okay. That is one of my very least favorite times as a parent!

What are you going to do about the new shot for girls Em's age?


pinks & blues girls said...

I usually have a long list of little things to do, too, but the list keeps getting longer and longer as I keep putting things off! :)

hope you're able to get everything done!

Thanks for entering our contest as part of the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls


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