Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Identity Crisis?

Who are we?

As Christian women, there are often many different roles we fill. Wives, mothers, friends, daughters, sisters, church members. If you work, whether in or out of the home, there is more to do there. If you homeschool, you are teacher, administrator and principal all rolled up into one.

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. There can be so many demands on our time it's exhausting. Just today, I have to:
  • teach my children math, science, Ancient Greece, vocabulary and more
  • bake brownies for our homeschool group's Fall party at noon
  • maintain (oh, who are we kidding!!) CLEAN the house,
  • go to buy paint to re-paint our rental property
  • make several phone calls to get necessary information to fill out forms for our homeschool group
  • take my son to speech therapy
  • repair my son's Zorro costume (damaged in a party over the weekend, but needed for tomorrow night's Harvest Fest at church)

But what helps is to remember our priorities - our Biblical priorities, that is. What is it that God has called us to do?

First and foremost, we are called to worship Him. We are called to live in fellowship with the Creator of the world. This must take precedence over all else.

Second comes our callings as wives. Honoring my husband's requests (such as going to Wal-Mart) must be seen as our highest priority after our relationship with God is tended to. I know that as busy moms, it's very easy to put our children in this place, but that is a mistake. Our children will grow and live their own lives, but our marriages must last our lifetime. When we put our husbands in second place, we damage that relationship, sometimes irretrievably. Ladies, always make your husband your priority!

After our husbands come our children. This is usually the easiest need for most women to meet, primarily because it's the most urgent. Children need this or that and they need it NOW. But in your meeting of their needs, be careful to be discerning. Meeting every desire and whim can be dangerous. Be careful to allow your children to learn to be content with simple things - a hard thing to do in today's world. More than this, allowing your children to dictate your schedule can be overwhelming as well. Remember that you are the parent and children need your wisdom and guidance. Be their parent, not their friend. It's very easy to set up an almost idolatrous relationship with your kids - allowing meeting their needs to be your ultimate goal and highest priority. Be careful, Mom, to keep your precious children from bearing that burden.

Next comes our homes. Making a beautiful home for your family is a high calling. You are able to create a place of refuge and beauty - a place for your family to come to where they can be fed, restored and loved after being buffeted by the world. Please don't see caring for your home simply as cooking and cleaning - dreaded chores that must be done. Try to see it as creating a haven. No one else can do this - a maid can clean, but she cannot make home the special place your family needs. It is something only a mother can do.

All other activities enter into the picture after these things are cared for. If you need to take a break from outside things in order to get the other priorities in order, seriously considering doing that. It will be a blessing to your family and yourself.


ValleyGirl said...

This is a perfect post and something I, for one, need to print out and put up somewhere that I'll see it often. It's so easy, but so hard to remember. Thanks for the wisdom and encouragement this morning!!


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