Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday!!!

For years I have suffered the embarrassment of rosacea - red skin that flares up and has made me feel very self-conscious. Especially when I am embarrassed, angry or about to cry I can just feel the flush and wish I could crawl under a rock!
Finally I worked up the courage to see a dermatologist about it. I'm not a doctor person. Unless it's something fairly urgent, I tend to avoid doctors. But I made a promise to myself to take care of this issue (along with many others!).
So, to spare those of you who struggle with rosacea from a trip and the expense of a doctor's visit, I want to share with you what I've learned.
First of all, the cleanser and moisturized my dermatologist recommended are the Cetaphil brand. They are very gentle and non-irritating. I've seen a big improvement just from switching to these products. Unfortunately, I have break-outs occasionally as well as some minor scarring from teenage bouts of acne, so I had been using some Retin products to try to smooth out the skin. Big mistake!!! These products worsened the rosacea. Since I've switched to the Cetaphil products, the redness has lessened greatly and my skin is softer and smoother! Also, make sure to use lukewarm to cool water, not hot water when you wash your face.
Now, she prescribed a prescription topical gel for me, Metrogel. It wasn't covered by my insurance and the tube cost me $60. It wasn't worth it! Don't waste your money if it's not covered by your insurance plan. I noticed no difference at all when I used it or when I didn't use it.
Finally, she recommended using Almay brand cosmetics. Truthfully, I tried them and didn't care for them. But that was a personal preference. Maybe my skin would be even more bee-you-ti-ful if I was using them. So you may want to give those a try.
I still flush a lot - I don't think anything is going to stop that. But at least my skin is a prettier tone and color day-to-day. And that most definitely Works for Me!!!! Be sure to pop on over to Rocks in My Dryer to find more great tips!


Heather said...

I have a lot of trouble with skin products--can't use Almay at all, or dove for that matter. I found that Burt's Bees almost always is good as well as Kiss My Face and Physician's Prescription. I use a cotton ball of peroxide to wipe my face at bed time--this is the only thing I have found that doesn't dry my skin and which keeps my skin from breaking out. And a toner of witch hazel and rosewater does the trick.

Marie said...

I don't have any skin problems, but I do use some Cetaphil products and highly recommend them.

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

Love your blog~thanks for sharing this great advice! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

I have rosacea as well! I hate that red/hot face feeling! UGH! I've started washing my face with Ponds cold cream at night and I can tell a difference. HAve you tried the "green" based make up as a concealer? I got a stick thing and it works pretty well!

Tonsofsons said...

I will forward the info to my dh who suffers from this as well.

And you are beautiful in the Lord's eyes.... He made you that way!!!

ValleyGirl said...

My mom has a lot of trouble with exzema and she's a big fan of Cetaphil products, too.

Leeann said...


As I think you know, I have rosacea also. To clarify the Cetaphil products-- use the BAR CETAPHIL on your face and not the liquid. The liquid contains irritants not found in the soap. The other thing that I have found useful (in addition to the Cetaphil and lukewarm water) is using Aveeno moisture lotion (in the tan and green pump bottle) on my face. My skin gets SO dry and the Aveeno works the best for me. It soaks right in and is not oily. I tried something in a tube (not metrogel) that was prescribed by my dermatologist and while it seemed to reduce the redness, it had an awful smell that drove me nuts. It bothered me more than the facial redness does!
Also, avoiding alcohol is a big one for me. I flush within minutes of my first sip.

Jeni Allen said...

Thanks for sharing! I have rosacea, too, and wistfully remember those days many years ago when I could go out without makeup and feel like I looked great. I've tried lots of skin products, but not Cetaphil - I'll have to pick some up!

Jaygal said...

Try some plain old coconut oil. Really. Be sure to get the cold pressed virgin CO for best results. Use a tiny amount on clean skin. It will moisturize your skin at the same time. It is fabulous stuff! hth

~Java Mama~ said...

I didn't know that about FedEx (in reply to your comment on my blog)... send me your addy!! I would love to send you a rejected cheesecake!!


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