Saturday, October 20, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Here we are, back at Saturday again. Time to check in and see how we are doing with the development of habits we wish to develop. If you aren't taking part, blog or no blog, you are missing out. Just the very act of setting goals for yourself is very motivating.

What I've done is to make up a chart of the habits I'm working on. It's posted on my bathroom mirror so I see it many times throughout the day and am reminded of what I should be doing. While I am still far from perfect, I have seen improvement in just about every area. Here's a quick update:

  • Devotions each morning Doing better with this since I started my "Daniel" study. I am loving digging into the Word.
  • Vitamin each morning Still haven't gotten this one down.
  • Bed by 11:00 Only managed to do this once this week :(
  • Bedtime Routine (wash face, moisturize, brush teeth, floss) About 50:50 on this one
  • No Sugar Doing really good on this one - hardly had any sugar at all this week
  • At least 5 Servings of Produce Much improvement here - I'm loving fruit and veggies
  • Shoes on in the House Still hate to wear shoes so no go here
  • Mini-Pedi each night (file calluses and slather with Vaseline) Doing this about half the time
  • No Binging Starting to see much improvement here - down to maybe once a week instead of almost daily
  • No Food After 8 pm I've been out almost nightly this week, so having dinner late has been causing a problem here
  • 5 Min. Stretching Starting to implement this a few days a week
  • Walk at least 20 Min Still struggling with fitting in exercise :(
  • Breakfast Doing really well on this
  • Calcium Tablet I hate doing this (it's huge)! Need work on it.
  • Floss Improving, although I hate this too.
  • Strength Train Also struggling with this. It's a laziness issue, I know.
  • No Soda This is where I'm seeing the most improvement!! Yeah!!
  • Don’t Salt Food Doing really well here too!!
  • Drink 64 Oz. Water Doing super good here too!
  • 1 Hour of Quiet (No tv, no radio, no yelling kids - just time for my mind to be quiet) This, I have come to think is a fantasy, but I will continue to strive for it!!

For more great Smart Habit Saturday participants, hop on over to The Lazy Organizer!!


My Ice Cream Diary said...

Maybe if you put your vitamins right next to your water bottle it would help you remember? Good job on all the things you are doing well!

Charity said...

Do you happen to have an alarm that would reset itself each day? Then you could set it to go off each morning and that could be your reminder to take your vitamins. Or keep your vitamins with your breakfast food to remind you to take them when you have breakfast.


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