Saturday, October 6, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Good Morning and welcome to another edition of The Lazy Organizer's Smart Habit Saturday!

Well, Smart Habit Boot Camp continues this week. Just in case you missed the habits I'm working on, here's a list:

Devotions each morning
Vitamin each morning
Bed by 11:00
Bedtime Routine (wash face, moisturize, brush teeth, floss)
No Sugar
At least 5 Servings of Produce
Shoes on in the House
Mini-Pedi each night (file calluses and slather with Vaseline)
No Binging
No Food After 8 pm
5 Min. Stretching
Walk at least 20 Min
Calcium Tablet
Strength Train
No Soda
Don’t Salt Food
Drink 64 Oz. Water
1 Hour of Quiet (No tv, no radio, no yelling kids - just time for my mind to be quiet)

Some of these I'm not doing well on (like being in bed by 11 and the walking), some I'm doing great on (cutting out soda, getting my water quota in, and having breakfast). Most I'm doing so-so on.

So I continue to go on, each week, earning more and more checkmarks. I know that I didn't get to where I am now overnight and I won't get to where I want to be overnight either. But having this whole big list of things to work on has really proved something to me.

It's showing me that I can make small steps and still be succeeding. Sure, maybe I don't get every checkmark every day, but each one I do get gets me closer to my goal. I don't need to make a huge overhaul of my entire life in one fell swoop - I just need to slowly change the small things.

It's all those small decisions that got me to this point - this weight, this lack of taking care of myself, this kind of dry desert my spirit sometimes seems to be in. Each little decision over the course of the last few years NOT to do something for myself has led me here.

And each little decision now to take care of myself will lead me home.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

good for you. Keep it up. I'm just starting out and taking babysteps.

A Juggling Mum said...

Keep up the good work :)You are doing great!

Rachel xxx

The Lazy Organizer said...

All those little things do at up don't they. Good job!

Christine Rockwell said...

Great job! Having such a LONG list and still being able to keep up with some-most of it is a great accomplishment! It seems to be all about babysteps like you said. And with each step you are so much farther along than if you hadn't decided to take the steps at all! It's important I think, to look back at how far you have come, how much HAS changed, even with the little steps. Good luck this week!

jenn said...

it's all about the baby steps....any progress, no matter how small, is still progress. that is something that continue to work on remembering. good luck and have a great week!


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