Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ok, Be Honest. Who Hasn't Wished For This?

I know, I know. It's not funny.

But c'mon - it's FUNNY!! Once in a while I could really use this stuff!


ValleyGirl said...

I LOVE it! Hmmmm, I wonder if Canadian stores stock these.... Dang, but they would come in handy sometimes - when I need nap time!! While the weather's still nice, I can send the girls outside for a couple of hours in the afternoons, but I'm a little worried about the 5 months of the year when it's either too cold or there's just too much snow. (I know, you wouldn't think that would really be a problem, but when they can hardly even walk indoors in their heavy boots and snowsuits, 2 feet of snow is impossible!)

Charity said...

Maybe not quite as effective, but motion sickness pills not only keep them from getting sick in the car, but also make them drowsy so they will sleep.

Leeann said...

ROFLMAO!!! Okay, that was funny. I have commented to my husband from time to time that I wish we could just cryogenically freeze our kids for a weekend every now and again. Get some sleep, have a date, get some stuff done and then just *Poof* them back to life.
Problem with the Flintstoned is that I would want them all for myself!


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