Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ok, here we go again!

Ok, being somewhat of a traditionalist, I have held off starting school until this Tuesday, AFTER Labor Day. Well, tradition, plus my mom visiting, plus we hadn't quite finished up our previous curriculum. But it sounds more noble if I just claim to be clinging to tradition. Like I'm Tevye from "Fiddler on the Roof." Except I don't have a beard. Or a cow.

Anyhoo, so Tuesday is the big day. And the habit I really want need to clearly delineate between school time and every-thing-else-in-the-world time. You know what I mean. The library is holding a book for you, so you run out to get it. You are out of milk and need it for lunch, so off you go. Suzie needs a new pair of shoes. And on and on. I find myself running out of the house on a regular basis when we should be doing school. I've got to train myself to either be prepared enough that I don't need anything during school hours and discipline myself to learn to wait for whatever it is that seems to demand my attention.

I think that I have adult ADD and have trouble focusing on one thing at a time and consequently feel the need for stimulus - to be going and doing all the time. I see the fruits of this (poisonous fruits, maybe) in my daughter, who every day asks me where we are going. She's not content just to stay at home, and truthfully, neither am I. This is something I'm really striving to change. I think this discontent is something that is learned and I'm sure it is a habit that can be unlearned.

So my habit for the upcoming week year life is to learn to be content at home. For more Smart Habits visit The Lazy Organizer. Maybe you'll be inspired to start working on some habits of your own!


The Lazy Organizer said...

I would be content to stay home every day because I'm a home body! My kids force me out of the house though. We go, go, go, much too much. Good luck with your school schedule this year!

A Juggling Mum said...

Hi, I am also a home body and would much rather stay home than be out and about. But I wish you luck with this habit, perhaps you could work on staying home on certain days and only allowing yourself to be out and about doing errands etc on other days :)

Rachel xxx

penguinsandladybugs said...

I can imagine how hard that is! Good luck this week (and school year)!!

Rebecca said...

My kids aren't in school & I haven't decided on home schooling yet but I can imagine the challenge of keeping to 'school time' & 'other time', esp because if they were out of the house at school you'd probably be doing errands at the same time. Good luck this week!

Amanda said...

Happy Saturday

Training Hearts said...

Praying that you will enjoy this weekend and be prepared for the First Day of School!

Blessings, Tamara

Amy said...

It's a fine balance, but I have found my kids do a lot better when I'm disciplined enough to turn the phone off, and other distractions during the teaching time. A lot of work is done independently, but there are certain times when they are SO much calmer because I'm not bouncing out of my chair, answering the dryer's bell, the door bell, or the phone. I like a mix of staying home and going out and about, but it takes organization (pre-planning, etc.) for it to go smoothly for us. Blessing on you this week! We had a bit of a rough week this week, as we now have a toddler, but she's getting used to it!!
Amy R.

SpiritualParenting said...

I also have adult ADD. I have a hard time focusing on ONE thing.
I am a home body, but with our schedule we stay busy with outside activities. I need to be home more, if I want to get thing accomplished!

Raquel said...

I ahve found that I run errands on certain days, the kids know what days we will beout, and I try to stay home the other days. I only did this because we would be out everyday otherwise


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