Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do you remember?

Six years ago today, the world changed.

I was preparing myself for my women's Bible study later that morning when I heard on the radio that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center buildings. Out of curiosity, and in my naivete, I assumed it had been a small plane and pilot error and went to turn on the tv. I stood there agonizing for those who had been on the plane as well as those who had been in the building.

Then, as the world watched, the second plane hit. I thought there must be a problem with air traffic control. It honestly never occurred to me that anyone could have done this intentionally. That it was a terrorist attack. That there were people who hated us THAT much.

And then, as the day grew on, the news went from bad to worse. The Pentagon. A plane down in a field in Pennsylvania. How many more planes were there? Buildings collapsing. People leaping out of skyscrapers. False, fortunately, reports of bombs. The growing realization that no one would be found in the rubble.

I remember thinking that the world would never be the same. That life will never be normal again.

But it is. Oh, there are markers. Changes in how we fly. Changes in how we open bank accounts.

Thousands of young people lost in battle.

But in effect, for the majority of us, life has gone on.

Just take a moment and remember what it felt like afterwards. We felt so unified as a country. We were so careful to be kind, to be patient. Maybe, just for today, we could try to be like that again. Remember that we are one nation. That we are going through this life together, in one way or another. Let us treat one another with care and with gratitude for our very lives.

And let us never forget.


ValleyGirl said...

Why does it always take tragedy to bring people closer together? Why is it so natural to return to our habits of being unapproachable and uncaring to the people we don't know well?

You're so right when you say our world changed, but that for most of us, it's right back where it was before 9/11. How unfortunate that we don't dedicate our lives to the change that brings us closer together. Powerful post.


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