Sunday, September 9, 2007

Catching Up!

Well, I started this post this morning around 8 am. Then Hubby invited me on a walk with him and by the time I got back and managed to return to the computer, the kids had closed it. But I've decided to try to slip this in before Saturday is officially over!

Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of days. We've just been in the process of life - getting back into the groove of fall, you know? Daniel began speech therapy at the local public school this week. He's been going for a few years now and really enjoys it. He was very happy to see his speech pathologist and especially happy to see his friend, David, back in his group. The speech pathologist made a special effort to keep them together and I really appreciate that.

After I dropped him off, I walked over to the school library, oh, they are called "Resource Centers" now. I spoke with the librarian about having materials (mostly videos) delivered to me there from the center which supplies materials to teachers. She was so kind and gracious and agreed not just to do that, but to allow us to check out any resource they had there as well. I've been really happy with the cooperation I've received from the school.

We've been busily polishing up Hubby's resume to get it ready to send out. It's taken us longer than we had hoped to finish it up, but I think we are finally done and just need to prepare a cover letter now. He learned yesterday that the partners in his firm will be holding a meeting on Tuesday to inform the associates (of which he is one) that the situation is looking pretty bleak for the foreseeable future. In his industry, you generally know at least a year in advance what's coming down the pike and right now there's nothing on the horizon. There will probably be another round of layoffs in the next few weeks. It's the same everywhere right now, so it's really looking like this is a good time for us to make the move to Dubai if we are going to do it.

Last night we had a fun evening. A cockatiel flew into our yard. When Daniel and I went out to investigate it, it flew onto my shoulder. We brought him in and kept him for a few hours, enjoying watching it fly around the house (mostly into my hair! it seemed to prefer long, brown hair). Finally after the kids screamed enough when it tried to land on their shoulders, I took it outside and let it go. It was fun, but we aren't ready to add any new pets right now!

I'm off to make dinner now, but I am planning on posting my Smart Habit Saturday later this evening. I know it will be late, but better late than never!


ValleyGirl said...

Glad to hear you're obviously feeling better. I will continue to pray for you and your family as you look for direction and confirmation with your moving decisions.

Leeann said...

Hey chick!
Good to hear from you on your blog.
So is it normal for cockatiels to be flying around or was that someone's pet? I can't imagine it.
So it is starting to look like Dubai is becoming more than an idea but a real, true possibility then. Wow. Are there any other places his resume will be going out to?


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