Tuesday, September 4, 2007

And so it begins...

Another school year has begun here. As always, there were a few minor glitches - Daniel's new math program hasn't arrived yet and Emily's vocabulary book seems to have vanished in the chaos of the last few weeks. But overall, it's been going very smoothly.

As excited as I was about beginning last year, Sonlight's Core 5 was not all that I envisioned it to be. We got drug down in the minutiae of filling in the blanks about places, rather than really trying to "experience them." I ended up skipping the whole section on the Middle East. Initially, I had looked forward to that part most of all, but then I decided that since we've actually been there, Hubby is from there and we are in close touch with his half of the family, and we may end up living there if all goes according to plan, I felt we pretty much were familiar with it - enough to move on anyhow.

But this morning, the history went really well. We are reading Susan Wise Bauer's "The Story of the World." The kids really enjoyed the reading. We also are using an Usborne history book, which are always chock-full of pictures to capture kids imaginations. They loved our new curriculum for Bible - this doesn't replace reading the Bible, but it teaches about the history of the Bible. For instance today we learned about why and how we know that the Bible is really the Word of God - we talked about the ways the ancient scribes copied manuscripts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, what Jesus said about the Bible, and the unity of Scripture. It was really a good reminder for even me!

Dictation went well, our new Read Aloud is starting off a little slow, but I'd been warned about that, and it's just going really well all around! Dinner's in the crockpot, 2 loads of laundry are done. I've only planned a half-day today since our support group resumes it's weekly park meetings today at 12:30.

I'm just feeling really good right now - we are back in the groove!


ValleyGirl said...

Good for you! I'm allowing myself 2 more days of laziness before our 5-1/2 yr old starts Kindergarten. My course materials will arrive in the mail in the next day or two as well. (I'm becoming a library technician with the help of a distance ed program offered by a college from my hometown) So I'm still groove-less, but I have to say, I'm looking forward to being forced back into a routine. I've developed WAY too many bad habits this summer!!

Leeann said...


It sounds like things got off to a great start.
I love Usborne books. I bet their History book is fantastic.
As always, loving the blog.


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