Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thankful Thursday

"Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15

I've been convicted lately when Thursday comes around. I wonder, "what can I say thanks for that I haven't already said every other Thursday?"

Sitting here now, I realize my foolishness, of course.

It's foolish, first of all, to think that the whole point of Thankful Thursday is to have a great post that others will read and be impressed by. How unbelievably self-centered is that? I mean, in the midst of supposedly expressing my thanks to the Lord, Creator of all, I'm still trying to get some of the attention. How like a child I am, wanting to be the star of the show.

Secondly, it's foolishness to think that saying thanks once is enough. As if I could ever thank God enough for all His marvelous gifts - for my life, my family, all the material gifts. I could say, "Thank You" a million times over and still not scratch the surface. I mean, each breath, the beauty of the world, my children - I am responsible for none of these things. I have no control over any of them.

And so today I am most thankful for the ability I have to give thanks. Not just by rote or for show, but out of a heart of pure gratitude for who He is. For His inherent goodness and mercy. For His generosity. For His sacrificial love. For His forgiveness when I am so undeserving. For His holiness and righteousness.

I could thank Him forever and it still wouldn't be enough.


Crystal said...

What a great insight to Thankful Thursday! Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

I enjoyed your thankful list, bless you.

Patty said...

I have felt the same way before. Saying thank you seems so small but you are right, we could thank Him forever and that wouldn't be enough. He is Faithful and gives us new mercies every single day! I enjoyed reading your list today!

ValleyGirl said...

Living a life of gratitude is at the same time the very least and the very most we can do.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words yesterday. It was a bad day around here, but a growing day, nonetheless.

Melissa said...

"I could thank Him forever and it still wouldn't be enough."


ZAM said...

Indeed, I don't think I'll ever be thankful enough for all the things God has blessed me with. I am so insignificant as a speck of dust yet God continues to shower me with his blessing. Ain't that great? Ain't GOD great? And I couldn't thank Him enough.

And you made a good point about Thankful Thursday. GOD bless

Love Bears All Things said...

Very well said! Thanks, Mama Bear

Heather Cox said...

Lori - Wow! Thanks for reminding us what it's all about - continually offering up a sacrifice of thanksgiving. Thanks for your humble confession.

Faerylandmom said...

This makes way too much sense! You blessed me today. :-)

Lynn said...

This is a powerful post and you are spot on. Thank you for keeping all of us centered on Who are provider is and that we can never thank Him enough.

Excellent. Love and hugs, Lynn

Leeann said...


I loved this post. I often feel the same way.

You spoke my heart.



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