Friday, January 11, 2008

And All Is Right With The World...

So in the process of moving to Doha, Qatar there have been many questions. What will life be like there? What changes will we need to make to our daily lives?

We know that we won't need to wear any special clothing. We have also learned that most of the activities that our children participate in are also available there. Yes, there are Christian churches.

One issue that I wondered about was what types of food products would be available. My kids are somewhat picky eaters and I was hoping to learn that several of our family favorites are readily available. Hubby promised to check it out.

We spoke yesterday and he was raving about a store that is very popular in the Middle East, Carrefour. He joyously informed me that it's "just like Wal-Mart." But the most exciting part (to him, anyway)?

They have SoftScrub.

I cannot tell you how excited he was. If you recall, he recently proved himself to be quite the little housekeeper. His secret weapon. That's right, SoftScrub.

So, for those of you who have worried that we might not fare well, fear not! Life will be just fine.


stacey said...

he's a good man!

and your new header is cute!

Karen said...

How funny! I'm glad you got the chance to talk to him and I assume he is doing well. (and now you won't have to smuggle cartons of contraband soft scrub overseas!)

ValleyGirl said...

Too funny!! I'm glad to hear he's doing just fine and that life there will have many similarities to ease the transition.


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