Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WFMW - Need Some Ideas!

Ok, so now that I'm pretty much a single mom (temporarily), I'm left without Hubby to give me that time out that I need. As a homeschooler, I'm with my kids pretty much 24/7 and yet I'm a person who VERY MUCH NEEDS time by myself. Hubby has always been very good about taking the kids and giving me some space a few times a month.

Now, I'm very blessed that they are old enough for me to leave them at home by themselves if I really need to get out. But that kind of means that I then have to find something to do. Something cheap. There's no $$$ gonna be flowing into our bank accounts until mid-February!

So what I need is cheap ideas for a person to do alone to just kind of chill, if you know what I mean. This will be very helpful in ensuring that my children and I all survive these next three months.

I thank you. My children REALLY thank you.


ValleyGirl said...

I'll be watching your comments throughout the day and hoping to pick up some tips myself! I seriously need help in this area, too.

Anonymous said...

Bathtub. Chocolate. Bubble bath or cheap shampoo. A good book. A lock on the door.

A car. A small Bible. Worship music. Go pray. You need a quiet place to park. See if you can make it an hour.

A library. Peruse all the mags you like but can't afford to subscribe to. View some you would not ordinarily, like the cooking or decorating ones. Check out a beautiful art or photography book.

Bookstore. Or coffee shop. Browse. Buy nothing. Or maybe just coffee.

Take a walk in good weather. A ipod comes in handy, or whatever portable music you have on hand.

Own bedroom. Journal and Bible or maybe a good book. Something to drink. Tell others you are having a time-out. Use the lock.

They are old enough for you to have hobbies, so do them and let them be in another part of the house. I am almost to that point. I like quilting, playing the piano and photography. Good luck!!!!

stacey said...

anonymous took all mine :)

i love to window shop all those places i can't with kids in tow (mine are younger). maybe a cheap movie (we have $1 movie places around here).

go swing at the park :) one of my favs as an adult still!

ok, all out of ideas!

Melissa said...

Take the car to an nearby neighborhood and get out and hoof it around an area you don't normally walk in. Of course, you have to know it well enough to know it's safe. Call a friend who might be able to join you. Walk at the zoo if you already have a membership so it won't cost anything.

Go to the library. Find a book you from Leeann's contest ( to read.

Declare a certain hour of the day, "Mom's Time." Be unavailable to the kids unless there's blood or broken bones. Watch part of a movie or a t.v. show you wouldn't normally watch. Read a book, listen to music, scrapbook or whatever you find relaxing. The kids either have to stay in their rooms or somewhere where they are not seen or heard by you.

Nothing terribly original, but those are my ideas!

Mamabug said...

I can't tell you the number of times I have just gotten in the car and driven. There is silence, sweet blessed silence.

I have also taken classes that are often free from scrapbooking stores or the like.

I even walk around Target and Walmart. I wanna go where NOBODY knows my name.

If you can ever do a trade with someone, get the kiddos out of the house for an hour and you stay in it.

Other than that, anonymous covered all the ones I could think of.

Karen said...

I think I'd take them to a book store. There's plenty to look at and read through and they have chairs where you can relax. Of course, I'm a big book lover so anywhere books are, I'm happy. My husband is not a big reader but he will look at the magazines while he gives me time to just browse.

Tracy said...

Let's see cheap things to do..hmm.. I like to visit books stores or coffee houses and just read all by myself. I also enjoy working out by myself. Most work out facilities will offer a few weeks to a month free as a trial to see if you like it or not. Window shopping at the mall...ooh one of my favorites..go to Kohl's or Younkers and peruse the 80-90% clearance racks. I often find a shirt or something I like for $2-$4.00. Ask a friend out for coffee or pie I do this a lot to. Hope this helps you have some great ideas others posted as well. Let us know what you do:)

Melanie said...

I was thinking library or bookstore. You could ask some other homeschoolers to start a babysitting co-op. Then you could exchange times to take care of each other's kids and you would have some time alone at home. I like alone time at home the best!

:: Suzanne :: said...

bathtubs & bookstores

Vickie said...

Two of my favorite things to do that cost NOTHING is to go to our local library and catch up on magazines, look for books on topics that I love but never have time to read at home. If the library is closed I love, love, love to go to Barnes and Noble and grab a table and read every decorating, scrapbooking, woman's magazine there plus I take my notepad (I would take a laptop if I had one) and write down ideas, things on my heart, or doodle. I don't even purchase Starbucks. I love to do this alone and too be honest it is also our favorite thing to do on date night after dinner.

Ooh I also take my small devotional Bible in and read it as well. Give me a couple of spare hours and I am there!


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