Friday, January 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well, technically it's still Thursday. And it's never too late to be thankful, right?

We just dropped Hubby off at the airport. Thus begins our three month stint apart, leaving me as a single parent and Hubby as a single man in a strange country. Not the happiest day, right?

And yet, we give thanks.

Thanks to God for His immeasurable grace. He truly poured it out on me this evening. Now mind you, for the last week I've been crying at the slightest thought of Hubby's leaving. Today I resolved that I wasn't going to let him leave thinking he had to worry about us. I held it together for most of the day. Yes, there were tears at the airport, on everyone's faces. But once he had gone, I comforted my kids and we moved on. By the time we got to the car, we were laughing. I want this to be as easy as possible for them, and that means me being strong. So I'm grateful that God has given me this peace. I imagined myself crying all the way home and crying myself to sleep. But instead, I feel very calm and peaceful.

I'm very thankful for our military. All day today I've been telling myself that it could be so much worse: that he could be going away for a year or more, into a life-threatening situation. So today I have a great appreciation, not only for those who serve in the military, but for their families who are here at home. Thanks to all of you, especially the moms who hold down the fort while dad is away!

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have this three months to work on myself. Somehow when Hubby is here, I'm focused on him. And I never want to give him any indication that I'm starting a "diet" or exercise program, because then if (when!) I slip up, he's so disappointed. This way, he knows nothing about it, so any improvement during this time will be a great surprise for him.

So, that's all for today. I'm off to bed. Still might cry a little, but that's ok. Tomorrow will be better.

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stacey said...

thinking of ya!

Denise said...

Bless you dear one, praying for you.

ValleyGirl said...

Hang on there, Lori, it'll pass by so much quicker than know! I believe you are a very strong woman and for what it's worth, it sounds to me like you're facing this with exactly the right attitude.

Isn't it funny how in some ways, it feels like we can't get anything done with hubby around? I don't like to admit it, but in some ways, I'm looking forward to having February and March to devote to working on myself, just like you said.

You will be in my prayers especially over the next three months.

Melissa said...

Hey Lori, I have total confidence in you that you'll do just fine. Better than you expect. If you get lonely, you can always turns to us girls to talk to! Not the same, I know, but we're here for you!

Angie said...

Lori...the Lord goes before him...with Him and will continue to be with you and strengthen you. My brother has just left for a 4 month stint away from his very new born (1st baby) girl. It is hard on the families. I cannot in my wildest imaginings---imagine watching my man leave for parts unknown. I am thankful for the peace the Lord gave you!

Lynn said...

Oh Lori,

God bless you and your husband. My husband leaves every Monday for the week.... I thought that was tough..I admire your strength.

If you ever feel alone or down, please email me. Dineen and I will pray for you.

Thank you for sharing your life with me. it blessed me in a big way. See you again Thursday. Love and hugs, Lynn


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