Monday, January 28, 2008

They're Everywhere!!

My house has been overrun by pests. I've tried getting rid of them, but it seems as though they multiply and breed at an amazing pace. I can't keep up and everywhere I turn I see more of them. I've already killed hundreds of the little creatures, but I'm sure more are lurking.

I'm talking about hangers.

Wire hangers, plastic hangers, wooden hangers. White hangers, black hangers, clear hangers, pink hangers, red hangers. Hangers that have twisty hooks and hangers that don't. Hangers that came free with the clothes and hangers I've paid good money for.

I hate them all.

I swear that I have thrown away 538 hangers since Hubby's departure. Now, getting ready for the movers to arrive in the morning, I have even more to deal with. I don't want to send wire hangers and hangers that come with Wal-Mart clothes all the way to Qatar, so I'm trying to go through and pull out the nice wooden ones and the better quality tubular plastic ones. Which leaves me with umpteen million still hanging around. (Get it? Hanging around? I kill myself!! LOL!)

Ok. Just had to get that off my chest. Now I'm off to conquer the things and finish up the rest of my miles-long to-do list before they arrive in the morning to take away most of our worldly goods.


stacey said...

now you know i am going to quote a movie here..."NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!" :)

and, yes, you are weird! but did you have a scrapbook dedicated to christopher atkins with all his magazine pictures and newspaper clippings?!!

and i thought your homeschool post was moving. i had some thoughts of my own, but none seemed coherent at the time, so i will get back to you on that!

Karen said...

I have tried to banish all wire hangers from the house but everytime I think they are gone, splat, down pops another one. Unless, of course, I need a wire hanger to unclog the vacuum cleaner or clean out the plumbing pipe the air conditioner drains into. Then there are no wire hangers to be found in the city. Have fun!

Leeann said...

ROFL!! Hanging around? Good one!

You have done so much. I am so impressed. I would be smacking everyone and everything in my path with those stinking wire hangers. lol


ValleyGirl said...

You're so witty!! I hate wire hangers and clothing store hangers, too, but I'm always too cheap to buy myself more of the good quality plastic ones. Good luck getting your stuff organized and moved away!

Melissa said...

Too bad I don't live near your Lori, or I would come and take those hangers off your hands. My house is a black hole for hangers. I may start the month with some but by the end of the month I can't figure out where they've gone. I have purged most of the wire hangers, but I think they have taken some of the good wooden ones and nice plastic ones with them! I am always looking for hangers! Maybe they migrated south for the winter and ended up at your house!


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