Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!!

Do you ever feel as if the relationship between you and your husband has lost its spark? Or as if your hubby just doesn't notice you the way he used to?

You need Fascinating Womanhood!

This amazing book can revolutionize your marriage. Now, I want to be honest right up front and say that this book is NOT for everybody. In fact, some women may be completely turned off by it. And, given that it is an older book, some things may seem quite dated. But the principles contained inside are very powerful.

"What principles are those?", you may ask.

Admiring your husband. Appreciating him. Having an inner happiness that is attractive. Being feminine. Understanding masculine and feminine roles. Accepting your husband for who he is.

When I first began to apply these principles in my life, I noticed that within days my husband was more attentive and had a greater desire to please me. He brought me presents unexpectedly. He spoke to me with more tenderness and affection. And he seemed to have more of a desire to spend time with me. You see, when we seek to please our husbands and build them up, they will seek to please us as well. Everybody benefits!!

I encourage all married ladies to at least give the book a chance. The author, Helen Andelin, is a Christian and there are some Biblical references in it, but it is not one of those books that someone who isn't religious would mind reading.

If your marriage could use a little revving up, pick up the book and try it out. It sure Works for Me!


Liza's Eyeview said...

Thank you for the tip :)

Amanda said...

Great advice! One of the goals I'm personally working on in my marriage is waking up in the morning and focusing on what I can do to make my husband happy. Treating him how I'd want to be treated. And when you put your husband up on a pedestal you in turn will be put on one as well.

Anonymous said...

Well, even if our marriages are good, if this is a good book, we can only benefit. Thanks for the tip.
Happy New Year!

jennwa said...

It sounds like it has some good advise in it thanks.

SAHMmy Says said...

Great tip! I think my mom has this on her bookshelf...and she and my dad are happy as clams! I do lean toward "old fashioned" marital advice--anything that puts the focus on the other person instead of justifying a selfish "I want!" attitude works for me :)

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a good one! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

sounds like an interesting book!

Rachel R. said...

Actually, Helen Andelin is NOT a Christian; she's a Mormon, and Mormon theology *does* come through in the text. It also contains quite a bit of advice for manipulation. I highly recommend Created to be His Help Meet, instead.


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