Thursday, May 29, 2008

For Those of You Who Wondered...

how the Chapman family would deal with the tragic loss of their 5 year old daughter, Maria, here is a beautiful report about the service for her and how the family is doing now.

I was sobbing as I read of their faithfulness at what surely must be one of the most difficult times a family can face. May we all be found so faithful.

Thanks to Lynn for allowing me to share it with you.


Jess said...

i have cried, too...thank you for the link...


Leeann said...

Oh my gosh, that just makes me weep. What a truly amazing family.

Lori, thanks for posting that update from your friend. I really have been wondering multiple times a day how they have been doing.


Ivis said...

I just figured out how to leave you a comment. I sent you an email earlier and thought I would just visit your blog. I'm sorry you're feeling lonely, but you're right in that we need to draw closer to God. I've been feeling down lately and your words gave me encouragement. I pray that you're feeling better and that you're encouraged by your friends but more importantly by God who's always with us. And He's good ALL the time. Love you and miss you lots!!! Ivis (Miami)


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