Monday, May 26, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Back again for another yummy Menu Plan Monday! If you are looking for the last part in the series I'm doing on respecting your husband, I promise it will be up tomorrow. The past few days have been a little off for me. Nothing major, just still trying to adjust to our big move. It's been two months now and, while I'm doing fine with living here, the emotional issues kind of had their way with me the past few days. I've been very lonely and missing my friends. But more about that later! On to the menu plan!!

I'm on Week 7 of my 8 Week Menu Plan. As usual, things get shifted around and some things carried over from the prior week that I just didn't get to. But here's the plan for this week.

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie

Monday - Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya with rice and a chopped salad

Tuesday - Roasted Chicken, roasted potatoes and a tossed salad

Wednesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup with rolls

Thursday - Fish fry with cole slaw

Friday - Sandwiches, cole slaw and chips

Saturday - Chili and cornbread

There you go! Basic and simple and yet delicious. Oh, and exciting news!! We have officially received permission from the government to purchase alcohol. Now, before you go judging me, I don't drink. Not that I think it's sinful to drink at all. I just never got the taste for it. However, I do use wine in my cooking quite frequently and some things just aren't the same without it.


Nicole said...

Oh wow! You have a lot of really good comfort food on your menu. Which night should I show up? LOL. Hope it all goes well.

Ann said...

Great menu--I wouldn't have guessed that you're in a foreign country! Congrats on the move and I pray it's a smooth least as smooth as can be. Sorry about your fall on the stairs--are your legs better yet?


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