Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!!!

Today is the day I have been longing for.

The day I've been dreaming of.

Today is the day my life of slavery comes to an end.

For today is the day that this will arrive:

Isn't life good????

As I may have mentioned, I've been doing dishes by hand since moving into our new home and it's not been going well.

I've scalded my hands innumerable times (since there's no temperature gauge on the hot water heaters), sliced my thumb open while washing a knife, and suffered more dishpan hands than any woman should be allowed to.

I've had to change clothes every time I wash dishes, because the water pressure changes randomly going from just a trickle to Niagra Falls in a flash, splashing all over me in the process.

I've ruined one brand new shirt because my apron bled onto it while wearing it during one dishwashing session.

But now?

Free at last, free at last!! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!!!

(I'll be back on Monday with the next part in the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. series. The kids both had friends sleep over - and decided to spend the whole night playing pranks on each other. I'm a little too bleary eyed to cohesively put together anything truly important.

Not that my new dishwasher isn't important.)


Catherine said...

Congratulations! You're going to love it!


Tracye said...

I'm really happy for you! I've been washing dishes by hand lately, and leaving them to dry in the dishwasher. I haven't figured out why, yet!

I just finished reading all the respect parts. I read them in one marathon sitting!

You are really encouraging me to show respect to my husband, and precise ways to do it. I'm so glad you are posting about this.

kate o. said...

i shunned our dishwasher the first 3 or so years we lived in our apartment but in the last month - it's become my best friend. and what is one of the few issues i have with our new house? NO DISHWASHER. it almost brings me to tears. maybe i'll get one of those little ones that you can roll out and plug in. do they have those anymore?

Hillary Tyson said...

It's been a pleasure reading your Blog. I moved to Amman, Jordan three years ago with my husband, who is originally from Amman. We just love being here so much and are unhappy about leaving in early July. We've had such a positive experience here especially with the kids enjoying their father's family and learning Arabic.

we have to move to Saudi Arabia now for his work, and I would much perfer to stay here.

I would love to here about what your impressions are of Doha,and the Qatari people, we've never been there. We've had the opportunity to visit Dubai a couple of times, my husband's brother lives there and we've had a great time there as well.

Hope to hear more about your impressions of Qatar, the people, your experience with the Arab Culture and so on.

Menawhile, take care, and I'll keep reading your Blog which I found by chance the other day, keep it up, you are so funny.


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