Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!!

Summer is here!! Time for picnics and watermelon, swimmin' pools and barefeet.

And time for mosquitos

Why God, in His infinite wisdom, created this little creature whose sole purpose is to annoy others is beyond me. And yet, He did and we must deal with them.

Back when I was living in Miami, they would gather by the hundreds near the front door of our home, lurking there, just waiting for some unsuspecting person to open the door so they could make a beeline for my bedroom and wait until I was asleep that night. I can't tell you how many times I awoke with 20 or more bites covering me. Meanwhile, Hubby blissfully slept through and got not a single bite.

Some people are just naturally sweeter, I guess. *Ahem*

Anyways, the best way I ever found to calm the itching was just to dab a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the bites. The itches went away for hours and hours and often didn't return at all.

Voila! Instant cure for mosquito bites.

For more ideas on everything under the sun, be sure to stop by Rocks In My Dryer.


BundyMum said...

Thanks for the tip! My son reacts quite badly to mosquito bites so I will try it today! BTW, did you know that rubbing alcohol is also good for cleaning bowling balls? You never know when you might need that little piece of information! :)
Have a great day!

CC said...

Great tip!

Tina in Thailand said...

Oh, I need this tip.
It is rainy season here and the mosquitos are out in full force. My eldest and I wake up each night with new bites, mostly around our feet and ankles, so verrrrry itchy. As soon as I locate some rubbing alcohol, or figure out how to ask for it, we are trying this!

Lynn said...

hey...what a cool blog...cannot wait to read more. I'll give you all the details about the cooking class.


Leeann said...

If it's summer, where the heck is our warm weather? I'm lookin for it!


Liza's Eyeview said...

Yes, alcohol works.
A dub of Vick Vapor Rub works too.

marigold said...

Of course you're sweeter!

I've often wondered why God made wasps, too. What do they do?

I have also heard that if you put a piece of scotch tape over the bite, it won't itch anymore. Glad to know about the rubbing alcohol!

Erica Herzog said...

Good thing we don't have to worry about bugs so much here!

You've been tagged! The instructions are on my scrapbooking blog (

Jodie said...

Another tip...some friends just educated me the other day that Vitamin B12 is a natural mosquito repellent. These two friends are opposite - one is low on B12, the other takes a large supplement daily. The one who is low has bites all the time. The one who take the supplement says mosquitos literally hover around her, but always stay off her skin. They hate B12. Just an idea.... :-)

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

I keep Calydryl lotion in the frig. Takes away the itch and the cold feels so soothing.


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