Friday, June 13, 2008

Heart of the Matter - What Makes Him a Good Husband and Dad?

Today's Heart of the Matter topic is what makes Hubby a good husband and father. Easy!!

First, let me introduce you. Since I am forbidden from posting a picture of him online (let's just say he has privacy issues), I am posting a picture of someone else whom Hubby has described as not as good looking as himself.

Yes, ladies, that's right. The year Hubby turned 40, George Clooney also turned 40. Hubby came home after making a grocery run for me one night (during which he caught sight of this magazine cover) and said to me, "Do I look as bad as George Clooney?"

(Insert pause here for time for me to think.) "No, honey. You are MUCH better looking than George Clooney."

So, you ladies will just have to use your imagination and know that my husband is oh-so-much better looking than George Clooney.

But besides his devastatingly handsome face, he has qualities which are much, much more important. Let me tell you about him.

Hubby is such a hard worker. He works hard day in and day out to provide for us. And, as is true with many homeschooling families, that's even harder when you've made the choice for one parent to stay home in order to homeschool. Let's face it - this is not a one-income world anymore. While we were still in the States, he often didn't return home until 8 pm. Now that we've moved to Qatar, he's home earlier, but only because he's at his desk hard at work at 6:30 a.m.

Even when he's home, he is working hard. This is a man who barely knows the meaning of the word rest. He often steps in and helps out with the dishes or the mopping when he sees that I'm behind.

He chooses family above all else. There are men out there who opt to spend their free time on the golf course or hanging out with friends. Hubby always chooses to be home with the kids and I. Now, I'm not saying that he shouldn't have time to enjoy himself - actually, I wish he would take a little time off now and then. But his primary desire is to be with us. That feels really nice.

He leads our family spiritually. By reading the Bible to us and discussing it with us, by encouraging us to always choose what would please God, by leading us in prayer. I know that he is constantly thinking of how to make our family more like Christ.

He is loyal. I know that I can trust that he will never say anything about me, nor do anything to me, that would intentionally hurt me. I never have to worry about what he's saying about me behind my back, even as a joke.

He wants the best for us. This sums it all up. He takes care of us and wants us to be our best.

Thank you, Hubby! You are the best and we love you. Happy Father's Day!


Renae said...

Thanks for the laugh! My husband turns 40 this year. And he, too, is much better looking than George Clooney. :D

I am so glad that my husband loves to spend time with his family. Isn't that such a blessing?

Nancy M. said...

That was such a nice post about your hubby! Always focus on the positive!

Peculiar said...

Lori, HOORAY for your husband! He sure sounds like he's #1 in your home! What a blessing to read about him. Thank you for this.

jamie in rose cottage said...

Nice post about your hubby!


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