Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Simplicity - What It Means to Me

Following up on my thoughts earlier this week, I've decided that I really need to stop and think about what having a "simple life at home" means to me.

  • It means freeing myself from the consumerism that surrounds us. Choosing to be happy with what I already have, rather than expecting more "things" to make me happy. Wanting what I have, rather than having what I want.
  • It means finding joy in the small things of life - a sunny day, the chirping of the birds outside my window, a child's laugh. Appreciating all the blessings which God showers on me.
  • It means making my home into a haven for myself and my family. Taking joy in the work which God has given to me - knowing that all of it glorifies God and brings blessings upon my family.
  • It means preparing simple, wholesome, healthy meals for my family - an effort which takes time and forethought.
  • It means lowering my expectations in some areas, and raising them in others.

Right now in the background, "Under the Tuscan Sun" is playing on my television. While I'd love to pick up and move to a villa in Tuscany, that's just not going to happen. But I can create the same effect. I can recreate my life, starting fresh with new priorities and new thought patterns.

It won't always be easy - changing a lifetime of self-indulgence will take time.

But at least now I have a place to start.


Misty said...

i agree w/ all your definitions/perspectives of simplicity, and i, too, am trying to cut out needless things in my family's life!
i owe you 2 recipes (cake/focaccia). however, i cant find your email. will you email me pretty please? :)

Misty said...

btw what is the time diff b/twn states and Q?

Amy said...

I hear ya loud and clear. I feel a call to simplicity. I loved your post.


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