Thursday, June 12, 2008

We are the IRS's Worst Nightmare

Ok. Probably not their WORST nightmare.

I mean, there was Al Capone. And Richard Hatch. And Wesley Snipes. And Leona Helmsly.

But we are probably up there.

We pay our taxes, don't get me wrong. But there's always something that goes wrong with our tax return.

Three years ago, I wrote down one of the kids' social security numbers wrong. This happened to be the year we were getting back rebate checks that were based on how many kids you have. Of course, having the wrong number just made Emily effectively disappear in the eyes of the IRS.

Two years ago, I wrote down the bank account number wrong. This meant that we didn't get our refund until August, instead of May like we would have if I had proofed my numbers.

Last year, I forgot to include Hubby's W-2. Somehow though, the IRS overlooked this mistake, seeing as it came attached to a big, fat check.

This year, I swore I was going to get it all right.

Now, for most of you in the States, you are wondering why I'm writing about taxes in June. Luckily for me, there is an automatic two month extension for those of us who live outside the country on April 15. Good thing, too since I had no idea where all of our important papers were come that time.

But that deadline loomed close for me and this last weekend I finally got it all finalized. I checked and double-checked everything. I went through it with Hubby right at my side.

I was ready. This would be MY year - the year I didn't have to sheepishly tell Hubby I made another mistake. We printed it out, double-checked the address for foreign citizens to send their returns to and sent it off DHL the day before yesterday.

Last night, Hubby informs me that he forgot to sign the return before he sent it off.

Now, one would think that given my track record, I would be very forgiving and patient.

That would be a very foolish thought.

You see, this year, instead of owing tens of thousands of dollars, we were actually getting a refund. And not our normal refund. Normally we only get a few hundred back. We try to keep our witholdings pretty close to what we will really owe. Why let Uncle Sam borrow our money interest-free, right?

Last year was an anomaly, because we had sold some houses in the "still hot" real estate market. This year, because of that same market, we didn't do so well and were actually due back quite a nice refund.

Which now, maybe we'll get by Christmas.


Anne Marie said...

I started using TurboTax online about 10 yrs ago. I love it. It saves all our info and numbers and I just have to update our income/special deductions for the year. No signing or mailing. Plus it catches any little details from the last year. Last year I received a letter in the mail that some refund had to be claimed as taxable income...after I had just filed! But when I looked it up it had already took care of it :)
Unrelated: When you make the Bezella, do you use ground coriander or the whole seed? I have whole seed and and would like to try the recipe.

stacey said...

we forgot to sign this year too! and they are not in too big a hurry to manage it since they need to write us a small check!

ValleyGirl said...

Oh, the delicious irony of it all! I'm just so glad that hubby's parents are accountants ~ and handle all their kids' stuff for free!


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