Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok, I just came back from my weekly grocery shopping. One of the things on my list was beef bullion. I had brought some with me from the States that was sodium-free, but used up the last of it the other night.

I couldn't find any beef bullion anywhere in the store. However, I did find...

Mutton bullion!

What is wrong with this picture????


Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

Hey Lori!

Mutton buillion huh? I think I would have to pass on that

I just read back through some of your posts and loved the one where you talked about assigned movie seats and the best ever - candy for change. I'd love that if it were sour gummy worms. :))

Jenna said...

My goodness! Although I have to confess I probably would have picked it up and told my husband that it would substitute perfectly. Of course then it would have probably sat in the cabinet forever because I would be too scared to try it :)

Kathy said...

Hi Lori,
Nice to see you stop by. Sorry about your drought. Wish I could share my rain with you. Hey, I can send you some beef bouillon and any other American products in a flat rate mailer. My treat. Just tell me what you could use and are missing over there in the middle east. Kathy

Mylinda said...

I remember when it was raining just before you left and you told me you went and stood out in it so you could remember how it felt. Try to remember now. Maybe it will rain when you come in Oct.!!
Hey, I miss the rain by Jan or Feb, when it's barely rained at all for months, it seems. I hope you get some rain soon! :-)

Annie said...

When is Rome...LOL!


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