Monday, June 23, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Most of this week's meals are pretty simple and inexpensive. We are busy trying to get ready for our upcoming trip to visit Hubby's family in Jordan. This involves getting gifts for everyone in the family, but even more importantly, finding a dress for me to wear to his brother's wedding. This is a big deal because Arab weddings go all out, let me tell you. So trying to find an appropriate dress is really a challenge. I'm not sure how fancy to be without being too fancy. You know?

So in all this busy-ness (trying to wrap up school, shopping, piano lessons, making plans for a visit back to the States, trying to keep up with my new workout schedule, etc.) I decided that we are going to be keeping it simple for the next couple of weeks. Here's what we are going to be having:

Sunday - Spaghetti with meat sauce, caesar salad, french bread

Monday - Chicken Dijon, parmesan noodles, steamed vegetables

Tuesday - Applebee's Blackened Chicken Salad

Wednesday - Tostadas

Thursday - Cottage Pie and a tossed salad

Friday - Sandwiches, cole slaw, and potato chips

Saturday - Lentils & Rice with a lemon dressed salad

Probably the most time-consuming meal above is the blackened chicken salad and that's well worth the time. It's only longer because you have to grill up the chicken, but other than that, it's a breeze too.

I hope that you had a great weekend and are looking forward to a week of summer fun with your family!!

For more great menu ideas, be sure to visit The Organizing Junkie!!


Homesteader in Training said...

I'm going to have to give that Applebee's salad a try . I love those kind of salads. Everything looks yummy. Thanks for posting.

Erica @ Cook Quick Easy Recipes said...

The lentils and rice dish sounds good. I used to make a similar dish but I would bake it in the oven. I think I'll give this version a try. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe trip :)


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