Monday, June 30, 2008

Would the Reader in Amman Please Stand Up?

I know you are out there.

I have a regular reader in Amman. And I need -- NEED -- to know who you are.

If you are a member of Hubby's family, that would be good to know. If you aren't a member of Hubby's family - well that would be good to know too. Really good.

I'm always wondering and just thought I'd give you a shout out and ask you to put me out of my constant state of anxiety.



Anonymous said...

I just wrote you a very long reply, but I accidently erased the whole thing. I am Jenny, married to Hasan, a Syrian American posted in Amman. We are moving to Saudi Arabia next Monday. We lived in Amman for the past two years and loved it. I am really not looking foreward to moving to Riyadh.

I enjoy reading your Bolgs because the remind me of when we first moved to the Middle East 12 years ago to Kuwait.

Got to go now, farewell dinner for us at our friends.

Bye for now,


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, Jenny, you've made me a very happy woman! Now I can relax, knowing that it's not my sister in law or niece reading and I can feel a little freer with my comments! LOL!!

Moving from Amman to Riyadh - that's going to be quite a switch. I can imagine how nervous you must be about it. I'm not sure I'd be able to live there.

Now that we've "met" I hope to get to know you a little bit. Thanks so much for easing my mind!!

Anonymous said...

I am so not looking foreward to moving to Riyadh. We've had such a great time here in Amman. I am not too keen on having to cover up to go out, and not having the freedom to drive.

We were in Kuwait for four years and I thought that was tough. Cairo was a lot of fun, but Amman is a place where you could raise a family. It is also very close to Damascus, which is where my inlaws live and we could be three in less than three hours by car.

My inlaws could also come by anytime to see the kids, or we could send the kids to them for the weekend. I really enjoy their company, and they are close enough to visit every now and then, and far enough that they not a nucense.

Got to go now, take care,


Anonymous said...

I just noticed that I singed my post as Ken (LOL)... Jen


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