Sunday, June 15, 2008

Struggling for the Simple Life

I seem to have gotten away from one of the purposes of this blog - to chronicle my attempts to live more simply.

What with homeschooling and moving across the world and, well, just plain normal life, trying to live a simple life has slipped by the wayside.

And truthfully, it's gotten harder for me now. When I was still in the States, I pretty much had everything I could want. I had been settled in the same house and/or neighborhood for over 14 years. I had amassed a huge amount of stuff. But in the process of the move, I streamlined big-time. We didn't know where we would be living or how big or small the house would be or what would be available when we got here.

Now I miss all my stuff. I miss my living room furniture that I sold. I miss the chairs that I gave to my friend's adult children. I miss the plastic plates. I miss the lamps I didn't bring.

And it's so tempting to just go out, whip out the credit card and replace it all.

But we are trying to get out of debt and trying to eliminate credit card usage so that's not an option.

So I sit, wishfully thinking of all that I "need." Perhaps this is God's way of helping me learn to be content. After all, I have much more than many in the world have. Much, much more.

I want to learn to be happy with or without all the trappings of the world. I want to teach my children that happiness isn't found in a credit card.

While I'm working on it, I found a great website that I'm going to be using. Christian Simple Living is full of great ideas. I think I'll be spending a lot of time there in the next few days/weeks/months.


Karen said...

Oh Lori, I'll be praying for you. Life is...unique sometimes. And this is a unique season for you.



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