Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweet Relief!!

For the last 10 days or so, Doha has been engulfed in a major dust storm. Though we've had a few days when we have had duststorms since we've been here, it's usually only a day or two. This one is working on two weeks! It's been horrendous, at times bringing visibility down to about 1000 feet. Everything everywhere is covered in grime as it seeps through cracks in doors, vents and window frames.
Here's a photo of what the satellite imagery looks like.

Qatar is barely visible near the top, just to the right of the inset showing the area. But you can see that the entire region is blanketed in dust. Going out has been miserable as you feel like you come back all covered in a fine layer of sand, not to mention realizing that you've been breathing it in.

For those of you in Miami, let me give you a little visual. Imagine being out at Key Biscayne and coming back over the causeway. As you look off to your right, where before you saw the downtown Miami skyline, you now just see brown haze. If you strain, you can make out the edges of a few buildings. That's what it's been like here on our bayfront - the amazing buildings that are on the opposite side of the bay have been completely concealed by the thick layer of dust and sand.

But today? The sky is (sort of) blue, the sun is shining brightly and all seems right with the world.

Thank goodness, because I was getting really tired of dusting every day!


Ivy Vega from said...

I hope no one suffers from asthma....

Enjoy your week.

Leeann said...

Oh my. That dust storm does NOT sound pleasant. I think I would lose my ever-lovin mind. And the no rain thing wouldn't set too well with me either. I love a good thunderstorm, always have.


kate o. said...

i remember a crazy dust storm when i visited jordan. i must say they are a bit creepy. and as dusting is on the top of my "chores i loathe" list, i would not be happy in your shoes. dust on, my friend!

Misty said...

on a completely unrelated post, if you're interested, i've tagged you to do a meme... but if not, no hard feelings! also, i don't think i checked email me last time.. would you mind dropping me a line so i can email those recipes?

Nancy M. said...

Gosh, I can't imagine a storm like that! I am glad it's over so you can see again, and stop dusting!


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