Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And the "World's Worst Mother Award" Goes To...


Last night Daniel and I were talking and he suddenly said to me, "Mom, where's my baby blanket?"


If you will recall, I went on a bit of a tossing spree once Hubby left Miami. I was trying to decide what really needed to go. Sometimes, I regretted some of my choices as I mentioned.

Now, I should mention here that my son is 11 years old. He really doesn't need a baby blanket. He is, however, very sentimental. VERY sentimental.

When I told him that I had gotten rid of it back in January (SIX MONTHS AGO!!!!), he lost it. No amount of explaining about how it was completely ratty and I had found it on the floor of the garage and it couldn't have been washed it was falling apart so badly and, oh yeah, it was on the floor of the garage for weeks!!!!, could calm him down.

No amount of pointing out that he hadn't noticed it's absence for six months made him feel better. His explanation was that he knew that it wasn't around, but assumed that I had carefully put it away in a safe spot. He suckered Hubby into getting out his box with all his baby mementos and reminiscing and scored an extra hour before I finally made him go to bed.

This morning, Daniel asked me to make him a double decker sandwich because he didn't feel well. What was wrong, I asked? He sighed and replied, "I'm depressed."

And the award for the "Boy Most Able to Milk All He Can Out of a Mother's Mistake" goes to...Daniel!!!

And he got the sandwich.


Karen said...

okay, this is the second try. If it duplicates, sorry.

I suspect that Daniel's problem is that he is missing the familiar. Which is probably at the root of what you were dealing with earlier. Not missing the "stuff" per se, but missing the memory or the comfort.

The next time you feel like the world's worst mom, remind yourself of the four thousand hoops that you went through to get your dog to Doha. I think that puts you ahead in the "good" mom column.

It's a new day. Hopefully this one will be better. I'm praying for you as I type.

Love Bears All Things said...

I can imagine how that went. My 10 year old grandson here is very attached to a couple of blankets he has had for years. We've mended them numerous times. He always stands right there, worried that the blanket is being harmed in some way.
I don't know what you might have to do to get over this one.
I like what he said.

Leeann said...

Aw, bless his little heart. Bless yours, too.

I won't even go into how long I slept with *my* comfort object. lol

Seriously though, hugs to you. I can imagine how you felt as he cried. It was a funny post but I know you were hurting.


Tracy said...

Well I'm glad that my 11 year old is not the only one with his comfort object yet. He has this teddy bear that he has slept with since birth and he still does. He brings it to sleepovers and all and doesn't care one bit. I asked him if he was going to get married with it someday and his reply.."moooommm" Well I was just wondering:)

Seriously I enjoyed your post and hope that Daniel doesn't come to miss it to much. I'm sure the sandwich helped a lot:) My boys always perk up with some good food..")

Amy said...

Thanks for coming over to my site. I will try and keep in touch and maybe even start a new blog we will see.

Dawn said...

And just think, in a few years the both of you will look back on that day and just laugh about it.

Hopefully your boy is doing better today and not as sad. :-)

God Bless You!

stacey said...

I think that is the reason I tend to keep a lot of the kids' stuff. I will never quite recover from my "missing" Mrs. Beasley doll!!


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