Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ok, Here's The List

UPDATED: My mom laughed at me when she read this post, saying I wouldn't get half of this done. Well - phooey to her!!! As you can see below, I've gotten a good amount of it done already. I'm sore and achy, but feeling very accomplished!!

I just spent about 15 minutes walking through my house, noting down everything that I believe needs to be done before we start showing it. Here we go:

Pressure wash sidewalks and pool deck - DONE
Pressure wash brick wall of bedding area - DONE
Paint light post white -DONE
Replace light post cover - Had to special order it; will come in 3 weeks, but I've handled it, so - DONE
Plant new things in bedding area - DONE
Trim foliage - DONE
Weed the walkway and driveway - DONE
Repot the oleander bush - DONE
Clean windows (75 ft. of French doors - ugh!!) - DONE
Rearrange the garage - DONE
Call contractor to fix patio where cement is damaged

Master Bath and Bedroom
Finish filing
Replace closet doors (missing since we moved in 3 years ago!) - DONE
Repair door frames
Relocate photo albums that I don't know where to put
Move treadmill to garage
Clean off dresser - DONE
Sort my clothes - get rid of non-needed things - DONE
Re-fold Hubby's clothes in the walk-in closet organizer - Yeah...Decided this isn't that important.
Clean out bathroom cabinets - DONE
Straighten and organize bathroom shelving unit - DONE
Scrub shower door to remove film - DONE
Scrub tub caulking - DONE
Buy new bath mat for shower - DONE

Living Areas
Touch up baseboard paint in dining room - DONE
Dust chandelier - DONE
Clean tray table - DONE

Scrub down all cabinets and countertops
Scrub glass stovetop
Clean oven - DONE
Clean out cabinets and re-organize - DONE
Clean out pantry and re-organize - DONE
Clean out refrigerator and freezer - DONE

Finish pulling out books to sell on eBay - DONE
Rehang closet door - Arrgh! Home Depot was out of the needed piece. Will have to wait.
Box up remaining books and put in storage - DONE
Get rid of bookshelves - DONE
Take down computer desk - DONE
Wipe hard drives and dispose of old computers - DONE
Move bed to center of room - Tried it, didn't like it, but I'm counting it as DONE

Clean and organize kids' rooms (this would be another whole post!!) - Emily's Room DONE
Decorate for Christmas - DONE

I'm thinking what I want to do is assign each section a day or two (or three!). This week I'm going to work on the playroom Monday and Tuesday, and complete the living room tasks on Wednesday. We always do our Christmas decorating on Thanksgiving Day, so that will be a no-brainer for us. Over the weekend, Hubby and I will work on all the exterior tasks. That leaves me all next week to work on the bedrooms. Then on Friday, I'll do all the cleaning stuff - mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, etc. And we'll be all set!!


Charity said...

If the film on your shower is soap scum, I recommend Krud Kutter. This stuff will clean stuff you never thought would come clean. We get it at Lowe's or Home Depot. If it is hard water, I recommend the CLR for kitchen and bathrooms. This is not the stuff in the silver bottle. It is in a yellow spray bottle.

After you get your heavy duty cleaning done, I recommend Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products for cleaning just before showing your house. They don't smell like chemicals so people won't think you have just been cleaning.

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, that's quite the list! All the best as you tackle the chores, prepare your house for sale, and try to celebrate Thanksgiving in there yet, too!! You've got a busy two weeks ahead of you!

ValleyGirl said...

Woman, you are a MACHINE!! All this over the holidays?! I can't even comprehend getting this much done during a regular MONTH let alone during a holiday long weekend! Good for you!!

Amy said...

Keep up the good work. You'll get there.

Leeann said...

Good job, Lori! You are doing fantastically well!


My Ice Cream Diary said...

HOLY CRAMOLY woman, you totally rock. There is barely anything left for you to do. I hope the family is helping you. With whatever is left I would turn it over to your hubby or ask some friends at church to help you finish. You deserve it!!!


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