Saturday, November 17, 2007

What a fun way to spend a day!!!

That was sarcastic.

Last night I heard some mysterious crashing noise. I assumed that a box of toys had fallen in one of the kids' rooms - nothing unusual since they don't seem to understand the principle of putting things on a flat surface that is actually a) big enough to hold it, and b) isn't already filled up by myriads of other toys, books, trophies, rocks, rubber bands, and whatever else works its way into their rooms.

When I went to bed later that night, I stepped on a hanger next to our closets. I silently rebuked Hubby (who was already asleep) for dropping a hanger and not picking it up.

This morning, I found that the wire shelving in my closet had collapsed. Clothes, hangers, drywall dust, and wire shelving were in a huge jumble at the bottom of my closet. Mixed in, of course, with all my shoes and the clan of dust bunnies who have found a home in my closet.

I have spent approximately 6 hours today cleaning up the mess. Not really cleaning up just what happened, but trying to make the master bedroom closets "ready to sell." Strangely enough, this was actually what I planned on doing today. As you may remember, I'm working my way up to the big stuff. (So far I've gotten all the linen closets done, most of the kitchen cabinets, the laundry room, and a big portion of the guest room - which actually is kind of a mess again now that I've been emptying my room and closets.) So I've switched our closets, rearranged the furniture, moved some furniture out and some in, sorted out approximately 593 hangers that had no clothes on them, and massacred the poor dust bunnies.

We are planning on having a big old garage sale tomorrow - hopefully that will help clear out quite a few things. Mostly things that are in the garage already, but it will help. My goal is to have the entire house "showcase" ready by the end of the month. The kids and I will be going out of town for most of December, returning just before Christmas. Hubby will be here though and hopes to have some showings and an open house.

So, if I'm a little quiet over the next couple of weeks, you'll know why. I'm busy making my home sparkle and shine!!!


stacey said...

that always seems to happen when we least need it!!!


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