Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to Basics

Ok, for this Smart Habit Saturday I've decided that I need to go back to basics - the Flylady basics, specifically. Now, I've tried to do Flylady more than once and each time get overwhelmed by the emails and find myself unable to keep up. But there are some basic habits that I found very helpful which I've let slide lately.
First is making the bed as soon as you are out of it. My bed gets made every day, but not right away anymore. It contributes to a feeling of disorder and chaos, so I want to get back into that habit.
Secondly, I really want to start wearing shoes all the time. I'm so tired of my dry, cracked heels and I know that this makes a difference. This is a biggie for me because I HATE wearing shoes. But if I can get myself into this habit, I know it will pay off big dividends in the tootsie department.
And thirdly, I really would like to stick to my routines. It seems as though life has been so crazy busy lately it's been really hard to be in a routine of anything. But, once my mom leaves and summer ends, we'll be jumping back full-force into schooling and life will, by necessity, slow down. I'm hoping that means that routine will be a household word then.
For more smart habits, be sure to check out the link above!


Annie said...

I've tried flylady also and been overwhelmed by e-mails in my already over-flowing inbox, but printed some of the steps and ideas and apply them where needed. Thanks for the reminder!

Rebecca said...

I've heard a lot about flylady and many people being overwhelmed by it all so I haven't tried it out yet. Applying the basics to your life sound like a great idea though. Good luck this week!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I had to start wearing shoes in my new house because the wood floors were destrying my feet. Not only were they cracked and dry but they were always sore. I may kick my shoes off when I'm sitting on the couch but I always put them back on againg.

I think many people crash on flylady because they think they have to do it all at once. I think she tells people to start off slowly but who really does?

Schelle said...

Remember - as FlyLady says - you're not behind! Just jump in where you are (or start at babystep one and ignore the emails until you get settled). One thing I found that helped - when you join FlyLady's Yahoo group, tick the 'daily digest' box instead of individual emails - that way, all the day's emails get rolled into one. It's less clutter for your inbox, and you can quickly skim to read the bits that interest you and ignore the rest. I also find it helps to customise FlyLady's commands to your own needs - I haven't "shined" my sink yet, but I'm still loving Flying ;D

Amanda said...

Happy Saturday!

Thea said...

I always put too much pressure on myself when I was doing flylady. Now, I do the basics but don't get the e-mails. I alwasy felt like I was behind (regardless of what she said) if I didn't do the daily extra stuff that I got in the e-mails!

I hope you find a happy medium that works for you! Good luck this week!

Margie said...
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Margie said...

Try putting globs of petroleum jelly shmeared all over your feet and then putting socks on over it before you go to be each night and see your feet transform!

Margie said...
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Margie said...
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