Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

Well, pick me up off the floor, people! I have been blessed and humbled to receive a Blogger Reflection award from Tamara at Training Hearts. Tamara decided to give this to me after reading this post. Her naming me for this post specifically means a lot to me as it was a pretty difficult post to write.
My struggle with integrity (which I define as being the same inside as I present to the outside world) in being a godly woman is something that I deal with every day. Each day, I make choices which I later regret - time wasted, opportunities lost, words that can never be taken back. It's nice to know that I can share my struggles with people and find encouragement, rather than criticism.

Thanks again, Tamara!


Lizzie said...

Lori, I just went back and read your post on discipline. Perfectly worded.

You may already know I'm still a newbie to the whole Christian thing so I have 27 years of learned bad habits to work on. You described me to a tee. I stay up till 2am some nights, despite needing to be up by 7am. I blog when I should be doing other things. I whinge and complain and act the martyr regarding my role as homemaker. I feel offended when DH comes home to a still-untidy house and complains...HELLO!!! LOL.

I'm in the process of limiting my internet time to after 8:30 at night. This is scheduled as "Mum's Down Time" - I watch TV, read, play on computer, blog. I need to discipline myself NOT to turn on the computer until the kids are in bed. And to turn it OFF at 10:30, no excuses. And be in bed by 11pm, LOL.

(the only exception to the rule will be if I specifically need to look something up during my study time earlier in the afternoon)

God knows I'm far from 'ruby' material...but I'm trying!



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