Saturday, August 4, 2007

Some link love

I realized that all of my posts lately have been of a serious nature, getting away from such deeply moving entries as this one and this one.

But, since there has been a shocking lack of anything humourous going on in our house, I decided to share with you all some of the funny things I've read on my tour of the blogosphere this week.

  • In which BooMama learns of her true delicate nature
  • In which Everyday Mommy shares 13 things that really push her buttons - my personal favorite is #6
  • In which Melanie at This Ain't New York shares with us her struggles with one of the most nefarious enemies known to man - sugar ants
  • In which Mylinda shares with us the joys of having a two-year old (I will say it involves eggs)

So let these little nuggets of laughter tide you over until something funny happens around here. Sigh...



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