Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The "I AM" Bible Study - Lesson 3

Well, here we are at Wednesday again and that means it's time for another lesson in The Preacher's Wife amazing online Bible study, "I AM." This week, I'm on Lesson 3 - When Life Doesn't Work Out Like You've Planned, Part 1 .

This lesson centered on how God prepared Moses in every way to be ready for use at just the right time. Not only was Moses adopted into the royal household, but he was trained and educated in the finest manner. But most importantly, God placed within him, at just the right time, a desire to re-connect with his Israelite family. Now, if you've ever watched the old movie, "The Ten Commandments," you may be under the impression that Moses didn't know he was born an Israelite, but I don't believe that Scripture necessarily bears this out. Either way, around the age of 40, he suddenly had the idea to visit with them.

Where did this desire come from? Surely, living as a prince of Egypt, he would have been quite content to remain in the palaces and in the places and lifestyle of power and prestige he had grown up with. But it would seem that God had other plans.

Do you have certain desires or passions in your life for which there can be no explanation of why you have them other than God? Perhaps He, in his wisdom, gave you a desire to help the homeless or minister to little children. Maybe to reach out to other women and share your own wisdom and knowledge. In the same way that God placed a desire within Moses (at the right time - His time - and for the right purposes - His purposes) perhaps God has placed within you a desire which you need to act upon. God has a plan for each of us - work for us to do.

In her lesson, Lisa remarks that God has made us 3 times a lady (all apologies to Lionel Richie) by 1) placing us in this time and place, 2) saving us by His lovingkindness, and 3) placing within us the desires and abilities to accomplish what He wants us to do.

Discussion Questions:

1. It was stated in the Lesson that God has made you "once, twice, three times a lady." Where are you in this progression? Obviously we have all been physically born, but are you 'twice a lady'? Have you been born again spiritually?

Yes, praise God. I have been a Christian since 1985.

2. Are you three times a lady? Has God given you a stirring deep within your Spirit to be a 'deliverer'? Do you have a desire or are you already meeting a need in the life of the church, a particular ministry (such as jail ministry, food ministry, etc.) or perhaps individuals who share common issues?
Well, I'd have to say that my first desire is to minister to my family, but God has used different things at different times with me. For a while, I felt a very strong call to women's ministry. A few years later, He moved me to children's ministry at our church. Now the things that have my heart are running the church bookstore, which provides me an opportunity to help meet other people's needs and also serve as a welcoming touchpoint for people visiting our church, and also through my blog I hope that I am encouraging and blessing other women.

3. Do you ever get tired of waiting for that opportunity to do something
worthwhile for God? Do you ever feel God is using someone else instead of you?
No, honestly, I haven't felt this way in a very long time. I guess I know that He's using me on my very own mission field (my family) and the rest I just go where He leads and let Him flow through me.

4. What do you consider 'worthwhile ministry'? Are you like me and sometimes find yourself mistakenly thinking it has to be Big to be Important? I used to feel this way, but now I have come to understand that in "big picture" thinking, every little bit matters. So, if what I have to offer seems "small" in the world's way of thinking, I know that to God, what really matters is my obedience to His call, regardless of what the world thinks.

5. Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts test? If yes, what are yours? If no, here's a good one from
Ephesians 4 Ministry. I've taken the test before. My gifts are primarily exhortation and shepherding. So basically, I'll tell you when you are wrong, but help you get back on the right path! LOL!!


Mylinda said...

Hey Lori, I hope you don't mind, but I tagged you for a meme on my blog. Check it out! :-)

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing your answers. I love reading other's answers. I enjoy the "realness" of the women who participate.

The Preacher's Wife said...

"I know that to God, what really matters is my obedience to His call"

This is the ONLY thing that matters! God knows who He needs and where He needs them - if only all of us could be happy with our own ministry instead of coveting someone else's! :) I love that you work in the bookstore - I am a total booknerd so I can't think of anything more fun!

Thanks for your answers!


Annabelle said...

I loved reading your responses to the questions!

Xandra said...

The fact that you consider your family a ministry is wonderful. Being a Christian starts at our marriages, with our children, and being obedient to God in these areas is of the utmost importance.

Thanks for your great comments!

Anonymous said...

Your answer about family also being a ministry was like a confirmation for me - I too wrote that because I strongly believe that to be true.

And also about blogging - this is one ministry area that is quite powerful isn't it?

Loved reading your thoughts :)

Heather C said...

Amen... obedience to HIM is what matters! Accolades of man? Forget it. I want to hear "well done" from an audience of One!

Melissa May said...

Thanks for your answers! I'm joining the study late, but enjoying catching up! Looking forward to more...


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