Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

Well, let it be known that I am the Queen of Listmaking. I reveled in making my 101 in 1001 list. I exulted in making my 8 Week Menu Plan (I know, you are tired of seeing this link, but seriously, it's one of the best things I've ever done!). I found joy in making up my Household Routines. I've already got my 100 Things About Me list ready for my 100th post. My mother makes fun of me because I am constantly making a list about something.

And now the list-making gene has manifested itself in my daughter.

She came to me yesterday with her "List of Impossibilities," a list of 15 things she'd like to accomplish in her life, but which she sees as so far out of reach as to classify as an impossibility. She wanted me to help her try to reach some of her goals. So after explaining to her that everything on her list is perfectly attainable, we started working on how to make her dreams happen. Here is her list (my comments in blue):

Emily's List of Impossibilities
  1. See an R-rated movie. Now, this really bothers me. But I told her she can do this when she is an adult. She asked if she could watch, "The Passion." I told her yes, so this will be one thing down when she gets around to doing that.

  2. Get a manicure. To which I said, save your $$, baby, just like I have to!

  3. Go swimming in the lake. Umm, this I kinda have a problem with since we have seen alligators in the lake and all.

  4. Get into college. I'd say we have time to work on this one!

  5. Meet a celebrity. Ugh, I hate that she has fallen under the spell of "celebrity fascination."

  6. Learn to drive. Again, time to work on this one. Please, lots of time. I'm getting a headache.

  7. Be on TV. I have no idea how to get this one. Oh! I should remind her of when her choir was featured on the news a few years ago. The cameraman focused on her for quite a long shot.

  8. Babysit for at least 4 hours alone. God heard her prayer on this one. She was called this morning for her very first "solo" babysitting job. It will go from 9-2 or so and it's the first time she'll be babysitting at the child's house, rather than here at our house. She's thrilled!

  9. Go on a boat. Um, I'm not helping her with this one. I fall out of boats. Seriously.

  10. Drive a golf cart. Well, luckily for her Grandma and Papa just bought a golf cart for toodling around their neighborhood, so next time we visit, I'm sure this wish will be fulfilled.

  11. Win a game of miniature golf. I'm the putt-putt champ in the family, so I'm not goin' down without a fight. She'll have to practice her little butt off to beat me!

  12. Have a smooth face. Ah, puberty. All I can tell her is keep her skin clean.

  13. Cook dinner 3 nights in a row. She's welcome to do this anytime if she's willing to learn new recipes and not just expect us to each baked chicken and roasted potatoes 3 nights in a row.

  14. Grow her hair down to her elbows. I'd go for this if she starts actually brushing it!

  15. Learn to swim without using goggles. This I can't help her with, she's just gotta push herself to do it.

So those are my daughter's goals in life. Maybe I should add one in for her - to not become a slave to lists!!


ValleyGirl said...

Ahhhhh, the simplicity and innocence of youth! What a great list! Wouldn't it be wonderful to go back in time and undo some of the things we'd done/seen/heard just so we could experience them all for the very first time again? She's a beautiful girl. Have fun helping her with the list!!

On Fire For Jesus said...

That's funny that she is already into making lists. And such complicated ones at that!


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